Small Business Management Strategies

Management Strategies for Small Businesses

If you’ve read much of the info on our website, you’ve learned by now that PPS Accounting is all about money strategies, sheltering your income from taxes, and putting more money in your bank account so that you can retire a millionaire before you reach retirement age and be able to financially bless those you love. Our small business management strategies are all of those things AND so much more.

I remember the days of when I was the one answering the phone, processing the payrolls, doing the bookkeeping, preparing the taxes, servicing the client, returning the phone calls, ordering the supplies, cleaning the office, getting the mail, paying the bills, and doing all of the things. Every single day there was a new fire for me to put out. And every single day I ran around putting out those fires. I remember thinking; how come I can’t find good help? No one wants to work anymore. And, my all time favorite; If I want something done right, I gotta do it myself.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, you’re missing key strategies in your business. Because when you’re the one running around putting out fires and doing all of the things, there’s more important work that’s not being done – Strategic planning.

The following strategies must be in every business in order for it to grow and prosper and allow you, the business owner, FREEDOM:

  1. Operations Manual Strategy
  2. Leadership Plan & Skills Development Strategy
  3. Sales Strategy
  4. Marketing Strategy
  5. Financial Strategy
  6. Human Resource Strategy

All of these strategies drive your business forward. They aren’t being done because you are the only who can create them and because you’re so busy putting out fires and doing all of the “things” every single day, you haven’t taken time to create them. If your business depends on you in order to operate daily, you don’t own a business – you own a job! And to quote Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth Revisited, you have the worst job in the world because you work for a crazy person.

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